Data are valuable only as a source of information. Econometrics provide tools to extract information contained in the data. It extracts good models for policy analyses and tests the hypotheses derived from economic theory.
The department offers an internationally oriented, rigorous teaching and research environment aiming for world class center of excellence in Econometrics. Our faculty has a strong quantitative background in Econometrics and Statistics and includes eminent econometricians including Dr. Asad Zaman.
The department offers MPhil & PhD programs in Econometrics. It provides training in econometric theory, applied econometric studies and data analysis software. The department also offers opportunity on different forums for students and faculty to share their knowledge.

MPhil Program

The MPhil program is focused towards prompting ambitious and excellent students who aim to develop themselves as independent researchers / experts in their fields. During two years of study, students have the opportunity to meet skilled research fellows and highly qualified teachers who are the best researchers in field of economics in Pakistan.

PhD Program

The department of Econometrics and Statistics feel honored to introduce the Ph.D. program in Econometrics. This program aims to enable the graduates to apply their knowledge to explain and foresee economic issues.
Students completing these programs will be prepared for careers in academic research, national and international governmental organizations, or private business.




To develop a department as a world class center of excellence in econometrics 


To produce highly skilled econometricians by imparting state of the art knowledge in econometric theory, statistical methods and their applications in diversified fields.


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