Economic reasoning holds the key to the solution of a number of public policy issues. Whether it is provision of social services like health and education, decentralization, judicial and electoral reforms, what kind of energy sources to exploit, or civil service reforms, all issues have an economic dimension. PIDE’s edge in economics and other social science disciplines, should allow the students to also comprehend the economic and social dimensions of public policy issues. Thus the core curriculum of the M.Phil in Public Policy at PIDE provides firm foundations which will allow the students to approach public policy issues in multi-dimensional perspective.

The comprehensive coursework and practical exercises equips the students with an interdisciplinary conceptual toolkit while the fieldwork allows them to apply and test the knowledge thus gained.

The rich history of PIDE’s research on public policy issues will aid the students in comprehending these issues. The PIDE’s researchers, holding PhD from top ranked foreign universities, who undertook this kind of research, will be teaching in the Public Policy program.

The PIDE’s School of Public Policy has an advisory council comprised of top ranked academics and renowned policy practitioners, at home and abroad. The M.Phil in Public Policy has been developed by the PIDE’s faculty in consultation with the advisory council. The council will continue to guide the conduct of the program at every stage.



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