Data is available on the following link (accessible within PIDE only)

Instructions: Open "My Computer" and enter following link in address bar. Then enter user name and password.

User Name: pide\studentdata
Password: data@1234


The ICT Division provides access to International Monetary Fund (IMF) Data bank from PIDE campus LAN. It can be used to find Exchange Rates, IMF Accounts, Foreign Exchange, Total Reserves minus Gold, Gold (Million Fine Troy Ounces), Total Reserves, Money, Interest Rates, Consumer Prices, Exports, Imports, Industrial Production, Export Unit Values, Import Unit Values, Country Tables, Monthly Notes (RTF), World Tables, Front Matter, Yearbook Notes and other PDF resources you may need.


Data Sets

The ICT Division staff provides guidance in analyzing the data set and different levels of support in data handling to Researchers and students of PIDE. Fifty data sets are available in the PIDE data bank for use of the students and other research staff. Data sets are available offline. Major data sets are:

  • Time Use Survey (2007)

             The Time Use Survey takes exhaustive stock of the round the clock activities of the everyday life.
             It has generated a wealth of data to provide empirical perspective for a wide range of socio-economic
             pursuits and research objectives.

             Sponsored by: Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance

             Downloads: Data Set, Documentation

  • Pakistan Social and living Standards Measurement Survey (2004-05 to 2005-06)

    Questionnaire: Pslm_cwiq2004-05
  • Pakistan Rural Household Survey (PRHS) 2001, 2004
  • Pakistan Socio-economic Survey (PSES) 1998-99, 2001
  • National Nutrition Survey 2001


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