A centre of excellence named Centre for Population, Health and Social Policy (CPHSP) is initiated with the prime objective of focusing on health holistically. A major strength of PIDE lies in its breadth of disciplinary expertise and interests. Staff members have training in economics, demography, anthropology, statistics, econometrics and business studies. All these disciplines can help in a clearer understanding of health and its related issues, especially the fields of demography and economics. The issues related to health economics are gaining importance everywhere but they continue to be ignored in Pakistan. With the availability of relevant human capital at PIDE, the Centre can fill in this gap. Likewise, demography's contribution to health policy debates and planning is vital. Health policy development involves three stages: identifying the major disease problems, designing health care systems and defining what governments can do using the full range of policy instruments. Coherent health policies need to be strong in all three areas, an aim which the CPHSP aims to pursue.

Dr Durr-e-Nayab


CPHSP aspires to be the Centre of Excellence for health economics and related disciplines through quality teaching, research and policy advice.


Building on the strengths and high standards achieved over the last fifty years by PIDE, the CPHSP will be the centre of learning providing excellence in teaching and research by committing to:

  • Development of research programs directed to the solutions of problems and development of knowledge important to provide inputs for population, health and social policies responding to the national strategic needs
  • Building a faculty whose members have a passion for teaching and by creating an environment which nurtures learning Providing students with the knowledge, skills and experience that lead to personal development as well as application to meet the changing needs of the society
  • Close collaborations with national and international education facilities to broaden the academic and research perspectives and adding a global context
  • Reaching out to an expanded audience of learners, practitioners and policy makers trough residential, distance learning and short duration education programs as well as dissemination events utilizing a variety of learning media and technologies
  • Playing a leadership role in country's health planning and development


Inquire, teach and serve to alleviate health.



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