List of Students who have defended their Final Thesis



Thesis Title

Supervisor Name

External Examinar

Defense date


Mr. Imran Ullah

Political Economy of Development: A case study of South Waziristan Agency

Dr. Karim Khan

Dr. Aasim Sajjad Akhtar



Ms. Hafsa Farooq

Local Government System in low income communities in Northern Punjab: A study to analyze the perceptions of People, Politicians and Bureaucrats.

Dr. Niaz Murtaza

Dr. Nasir Iqbal, Director Research, BISP



Ms. Dur-e-Sameen Durrani

Impact of Cash Transfer Programme on Child Enrollment: The Case of BISP

Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Dr. Shujat Farooq, Director M & E BISP



Mr. Mutawakkil Ahmad Abbasi

Post 18th Amendment Devolution: Is There a paradigm shift in priorities?

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Dr. Javed Iqbal, AP, QAU



Ms. Urooj Obaid

Role of Technical and Vocational Training in Empowering Young Women in Pakistan

Dr. Faheem Jehangir Khan

Dr. G.M. Arif Ex-JD, PIDE


6 Sadaf Sultan Political, Economic and Socio-demographic Determinants of the Public and Social Welfare Spending-Evidence from SAARC Countries Dr. M Jehangir Khan Dr. Javed Iqbal, AP, QAU 06-07-17
7 Hina Akhtar Maternal Health Seeking Behavior: A case Study of Reproductive Women of Slums Dr. Sajid Amin Dr. Javed Iqbal, AP, QAU 07-09-17
8 Naila Saleh An Analysis Of Off_Grid Solar Electrification; A Case Study Of Tehsil Babuzai, District Swat Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Dr. Anwar Shah, AP, QAU 14-09-17
9 Muhammad Yasir Determinants of Affordable Housing in Urban Areas of Pakistan: Supply and Demand side Perspectives Dr. Zahid Asghar Dr. Shujat Farooq, Director M & E BISP 14-09-17


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