Increasing temperature and frequently occurring extreme weather events progressively of greater intensity pose serious threat to natural ecosystems adversely impacting agriculture, water, coasts, livelihoods, human health and settlements in Pakistan. Given the country’s heavy dependence on agriculture with high incidence of rural poverty and malnutrition, understanding rural households’ perceptions, current adaptation measures and determinants of their adoption decisions are critical for informed policy formulation regarding future adaptation strategies for agriculture and related sectors. Climate change related research undertaken on Pakistan generally lacks human dimension and paucity of micro evidence on the impact of climatic change and adaptation on crop yields. The proposed project will examine the impact of key climatic variables on agricultural productivity and food security using district level panel as well as household survey data. The study will also investigate factors affecting the farmers’ decision related to adaptations. The project will generate valuable outputs having policy and livelihood impacts, build capacity of staff and students, develop new inferences using panel and survey data, make data available to diverse users, and devise viable options for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The special focus would be to explore the gender role in farm and off-farm activities with reference to adaptations towards adverse climate events.

Climate Change Brief
Climate Change
Working Paper 10

We acknowledge the financial support by International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada.
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