A strong upward trend in world food prices, resulting from supply and demand imbalances, has been observed over the past few years. It has put millions of people at risk of food insecurity and poverty across the world. Despite the recent decline in oil and food prices in the international market, food security has become a serious concern in many developing countries. Pakistan is not considered a food-secure country either. The Government of Pakistan also realises the importance of food security and attaches a high priority to it in policy formulation and development plans. The situation demands a comprehensive analysis of different dimensions of food security, continuous monitoring of its indicators, as well as consideration of policy options. However, the analysis of food security is a complex exercise involving multidisciplinary expertise and diverse data reporting by a range of organisations and agencies. The compilation of required data and convenient access by users, through close coordination of the relevant institutions/organisations, is a prerequisite for a comprehensive analysis of the issues and sound policy formulation. The newly established Food Security Centre (FSC) at PIDE will develop such collaboration, build a data bank, conduct research on issues related to food security, and provide the guidelines for designing a food policy.


An all-time food-secure society at the national, household, and individual levels.

Our Approach:

1. To conduct research focused on better understanding of food security issues and to provide guidelines for designing policies aimed at making Pakistan a food-secure country.
2. To establish a food data bank at the FSC and to link it to other data sources to provide user-friendly access to researchers, policymakers, and other national and international stakeholders.
3. To collaborate with global agencies and centres and exchange information and ideas on food security.
4. To extend technical support to social scientists and other scholars and facilitate their research on food security in Pakistan and other relevant areas.
5. To provide a forum for informed public debate regarding food security and to encourage dissemination of research findings and sharing of experiences.

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