Environmental Economics

Policy and Governance of Climate Change Mitigation in Forestry Sector of Pakistan

Mr. Kamran Hussain, National Forest Inventory (NFI) Expert, Ministry of Climate Change, May 03, 2017


Analysis of Ecological Footprint Of Rural-Urban Households In Islamabad

Mr. Usman Ali, April 20th, 2017


Growth and Environment in Malaysia: where structural changes stand

Mr Wajahat Ali Bangash, PhD Candidate in Malaysia, April 03, 2017


Role of Solar Energy in Improving the Livelihood of Rural Household: A Case Study of Bajaur Agency.

Mr. Muhammad Imran, March 27, 2017


Agricultural Pricing

Dr. Abdul Salam. Jan 10, 2017


Environmental Impacts of CPEC Roadway Network and Mitigation Techniques

Dr. Bilal Tariq. Jan 02, 2017


Panel Discussion: Mainstreaming Environment in CPEC

Dr. Rehana Siddiqui, Mr. Shafqat kakakhel, Mr. Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, Mr. Syed Mehmood Nasir, Mr. Naseer Memon, Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan, Dr. Ghoh A K. Dec 14, 2016


Recent Developments in UNFCC: COP 22

Mr. Syed Mahmood Nasir (IG forest). Oct 07, 2016


Ecotourism Development in Gilgit Baltistan

Mr. Ashiq Ahmed Khan. Oct 07, 2016


The Analysis of Ecological Efficiency and its Influencing Factors in Developing Countries

Ms. Hina Irshad. Sep 05, 2016


Treatment of wastewater through Constructed Wetlands: Cost and Benefit analysis with Sequence Batch Reactors

Mr. Anjum Amin. Aug 15, 2016


Natural disasters and economic growth in Pakistan: an enquiry into the floods related hazards’ triad

Mr. Asif Sardar. Aug 02, 2016


Seasonal climate Forecast and Farmers Adaptation Behavior: case study of tehsil Athara Hazari, District Jhang, Punjab

Mr. Ghulam Jilani. May 16, 2016


MPhil Thesis Guidelines for the Students of Environmental Economics

Dr. Anwar Hussain. May 02, 2016


Willingness to Pay for Clean Water Supply in Sialkot, Pakistan

Mr. Hassam Shahid. Apr 25, 2016


Infrastructure development, tourism and livelihood diversification in Gilgit Baltistan

Mr. Asif Hussain. Apr 15, 2016


Kinds of Freshwater and Their Relations to Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being

Dr. Shakeel Hayat. Mar 18, 2016


The Health Costs of the Brick Kilns Emissions in Peshawar: A Policy Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Rafiqe. Mar 18, 2016


Biodiversity in related Species

Mr. Aamir Jadoon. Feb 26, 2016


Socio-Economic and Environmental Factors Affecting Health in District Bhimber (AJK)

Ms. Salma Kousar. Dec 14, 2015


Socio-Economic and Environmental Factors Affecting Health in District Bhimber (AJK)

Ms. Salma Kousar. Dec 14, 2015


Impact of Climate Change of Agricultural Land Values: An Application of Recardian Model in Punjab

Mr. Syed Iqrar Hussain. Dec 11, 2015


Analyzing the Impact of dust pollution on Worker’s Health in Textile Industry Faisalabad, Pakistan

Ms. Nazia Mehwish. Dec 04, 2015


Does Tourism Have Economic and Environmental Costs? Evidences from District Abbottabad

Ms. Ayesha Shujahi. Nov 27, 2015


Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits of Paper Mulberrt: A Case Study of Islamabad

Mr. Syed Umar Hayat. Nov 26, 2015


An Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Cotton Cropping Systems in Punjab, Pakistan: Techno-Economic Performances, Environmental mpacts and Eco-efficiency Analysis

Dr. Asmat Ullah (AIT), Thailand. May 28, 2014


A half Hour Talk on Researchable issues in Environmental Economics

Dr. Enamul Haque and Dr. Heman Das (SANDEE). Apr 10, 2014


Environmental Radioactivity and Harmful Effects of Ioizing Radiation

Experts From National Institute of Safety and Security (NISS) and Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA), Islamabad.

Apr 02, 2014


Electric Reference Management Through Endnote Software

Dr. Juniad Alam Memon. Nov 08, 2013


A District Level Climate Change Vulnerability Index of Index

Mr. Arif Rahman and Dr. Aneel Salman. Feb 11, 2013


Green Growth: An Environmental Technology Approach

Ms. Rabia Manzoor and Mr. Ghulam Samad. Feb 11, 2013


Willingness to Pay for Solid Waste Management Services: A Case Study of Islamabad

Mr. Raheel Anjum


Economics Appraisal of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Technology in Bagh and Battagram Districts Pakistan

Mr. Ajaz Ahmad, Dr. Usman Mustafa and Mr. Ghulam Samad


Impact of Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Technology on Women Well-being in Hilly and Fragilr Areas: Evidence from Pakistan

Mr. Ajaz Ahmad, Dr. Usman Mustafa and Dr. Muhammad Nasir



Ms. Alveena Aziz


Ms. Aneeqa Rehman


Mr. Arsalan Khalid Channa


Mr. Chakir Ali


Mr. Muhammad Ayaz


Mr. Haidar Ali


Mr. Muhammad Azeem


Mr. Ghulam Nabi


Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Taqqi


Mr. Muhammad Sulaiman


Mr. Syed Sajid Hussain


Mr. Muhammad Ans Sadiq


Mr. Abdurrahman


Ms. Sumbal Naz Khattak


Ms. Aqsa Shoaib Abbasi


Ms. Ishrat Fatima


Mr. Shazad Nasir Chaudhary


Ms. Sidra Ayub


Mr. Sajid Iqbal


Mr. Tahir Zaman


Ms. Ghania Inam


Mr. Muhammad Tanvir

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