25th Annual General Meeting and Conference of PSDE

30th PSDE AGM & Conference

“We were taught to take care of our GNP because it would take care of poverty. Let us reverse this and take care of poverty because it will take care of the GNP” wrote Mahbub ul Haq in 1971. Though the confidence in the ‘trickle down’ waned decades ago still, around the world, more than a billion languish at the bottom, without access to basic needs. The economic inequality that was once thought to promote growth is now a suspect cause of terrorism. Despite the popularity of Human Development Index the dreamed shift, from focus on the ‘rate of growth’ to the ‘content of growth’ remains elusive, at least in the developing world, including Pakistan. What poverty and inequality supposedly mean for crime, conflict and governance and what poverty means for environmental depletion, makes inclusivity as much the concern of the rich as it is of the poor.
Against this backdrop, the theme of the 30th AGM and conference of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists is “Poverty, Inequality and Economic Growth”. The conference aims to explore the inter linkages between poverty and inequality and what the two mean for growth as well as the society at large. The broader questions that the conference seeks to debate include but are not limited to; where the poor figure into the growth philosophy of a nation? How the majority may reap dividends of the growth process rather than live on doles from it.

The sub-themes for the 30th AGM and Conference are:

1.    Inclusive Growth
2.    Inequality: A Constraint to Growth
3.    Breaking out of poverty : Micro-finance and Entrepreneurship
4.    Poverty, Conflict and Development
5.    Environment, Growth and Poverty
6.    Household Vulnerability and Social Protection

Call for Papers

The  PSDE  invites  papers  for  its  30thAGM  &  Conference  based  on  the  above  theme and sub-themes. To  show  the  intent  of  contributing  a  paper  to  the  Conference,  abstracts  should  be submitted to the PSDE Secretariat, on the prescribed form, latest by July 15, 2014. The last date for the receipt of full paper is September 30, 2014. Incomplete papers or those submitted after the due date would not be entertained by the PSDE Technical Committee. Authors of accepted papers would be notified by November 10, 2014.
A maximum of two submissions are permissible per author. Papers other than theme/sub-themes will be considered but papers on theme/sub-themes will enjoy preference. Each submission should clearly identify the Conference theme/sub-theme it is being sent for. Papers accepted to be presented at the Conference will be published in the proceedings volume of the Pakistan Development Review (PDR).
The paper presenters based in Pakistan will be provided financial support for travel and 3 nights stay. Presenters from foreign countries will be provided local hospitality.

Abstracts and papers should be mailed to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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